The Choice of Beverly Hills for Over 40 Years

Though the staff of Robert Burns Wines has served Beverly Hills at 157 North Robertson for 20 years, they have proudly presented themselves as a neighborhood tradition. Their original store was opened over 40 years ago not far away on Doheny Drive.

The establishment has been an asset to the celebrity studded area in the truest sense. The store is neatly stocked and organized for its highly sophisticated and demanding clientele. Every major brand of nationally advertised brand of alcoholic beverage is either on the shelves or can be in stock the next business day. One can easily understand the various selection of wines displayed in the store. Gift wrapping and wine and food baskets are available to the shopper at very reasonable prices.

There are always discounts on large quantities especially by the case. Hard to find wines are no problems as the management always has an open ear for suggestions. Tasting notes are always remembered as one of the staff is always attending major tasting and seminars. Customers are always welcome to present their ideas. The excellent service is the major feature that brings Beverly Hills back to Robert Burns over and over again.